In 2016, I took a break from my career. A break from a life of deadlines and commitments that filled my calendar and my days. I took off to discover a life I had only thought about, but never seen for myself. I spent my days learning about business, photography, traveling, and mostly how to truly live out a dream.


For nearly three years I traveled the world with my wife while also making it a priority to explore as many corners of the United States as possible. We managed to visit eight countries and 26 states in the process. Our time was spent on the open road meeting new people, learning how to live with very little, and learning how to travel without plans or direction. It was the closest form of true freedom and excitement I had ever experienced. 

In 2019, I decided to step back into my previous career with the idea of continuously pursuing a new way of life at the same time. A life of balance if you will. 

As my work continues to develop, it's my goal to continue sharing moments and lessons learned along the way.

As for my portfolio, it serves as an extension of my interests, direction, and perspective.